Saturday, 29 September 2007

Strike one, Grammar "so-called" Puss.

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I added GrammarBlog to the Britblog directory last week. While I was poking around I found a blog by the name of Grammar Puss.

At the time of writing this is the current post, discussing one of those things-everyone-should-do articles. As noble a sentiment as it is to poke fun at lazy hack articles recommending sponsors' products as lifestyle must-haves, I was horrified when I saw Ms Puss's comment on item 23.
23) Own a convertible
Don't let Al Gore here you say that.
Now I hate to nitpick (ahem) and I'm the first to admit that everyone makes mistakes, but that's not a simple typo is it?

To think I was going to add her as a friend. I'll keep an eye on her - one more slip up like that and it's The List for Grammar Puss.


After a couple of people pointed it out to her (who, me?), Grammar Puss corrected her error. Don't worry, I made sure I got a screen shot for this eventuality. Can you tell I was a cub scout?

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Blogger Elisabeth said...

Perhaps she's using the term ironically? Speaking of that, I've been debating the use of the word irony, especially in the sense of "wearing some article of clothing ironically. And wouldn't it be "So-called" Grammar Puss? I'm betting she's not a cat. But it's your blog, not mine. So...that ends my rambling comment.

29 September 2007 at 08:33  
Blogger Gez said...

Elisabeth, you are of course correct regarding the placement of the "so-called". It's an oft repeated (my me) reference to an occasion following the 1984 miners' strike in the UK.

Arthur Scargill was president of the miners' union during this time and by the end of it was unpopular with all parties involved. Without going into the politics too much (if I get Dan started we'll be here forever), after the strike a disgruntled miner referred to his union leader as "Arthur 'so-called' Scargill", even thought that clearly is his name.

I just think it's funny and I like to use the internet as an alternative forum for my own private jokes, the other being inside my head.

More info on Arthur "so-called" Scargill:

29 September 2007 at 12:38  
Blogger Elisabeth said...

Never mind then...I learned something new.

30 September 2007 at 23:41  
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