Thursday, 18 October 2007

Meme, myself and I

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In my professional life I work for a digital marketing agency, and as a result I spend a lot of time on the internet.

Therefore I'm usually pretty up to date with the latest memes but this one completely passed me by until a GrammarBlog reader called Alex brought it to my attention.

Apparently the 'Get a Brain! Morans' thing is quite old now but it caused quite a stir, especially as there are some accusing those dreaded "liberals" of forging the picture to make pro-war Americans appear stupid. [Insert joke here.]

While we're on the topics of spelling and memes, I might as well share some of my favourite lolcats with you.

Read more about lolcat grammar here.

I know it's all just a bit of fun but I often think that internet meme contributors should take more care with their spelling, punctuation and grammar. Take this for example:

This example of the ever-recurring your/you're error is the perfect excuse to get the Hoff onto GrammarBlog. There are many reasons why I like him, none of which is rational or reasonable.

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Anonymous mighty red pen said...

I can't really find much confirmation of this right now, but the "morans" thing was apparently a misspelling of [Jim] Moran, as opposed to a misspelling of moron. Which takes the fun out of it, I suppose.
Urban Dictionary:

As for the Hoff, do you really need an excuse to put the Hoff up on grammarblog? I mean, really.

20 October 2007 at 00:26  
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