Friday, 8 February 2008

National Grammar Day: Cast your votes now!

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Ladies, gentleman and pedants around the world: please vote now for the USA's worst grammar. From the National Grammar Day website, brought to you by SPOGG, the nominations for the worst grammar in the USA are:


1. Willow Park, Tx

Note the apostrophe catastrophes in “Tue’s” [sic] and Thur’s [sic]

2. Denver, Colorado

A sign on a barber shop used to say "It pays to look well."

(This was particularly amusing for the medical resident who sent it; he worked in the OB/Gyn department.)

3. Seattle, WA

From a Seattle Boat Show e-mail

As a recent visitor to the Seattle Boat Show [misplaced modifier], Gemeral Motors asked that I make contact with you and intorduce our Dealership.  We are located at 116th Ave NE on Auto Row in Bellevue. We offer the largest selection of Buick's, Pontiac's and GMC's in the Northwest and have access to Cadillac through our sister store.  We also have around 400 used vehicles to choose from. That is why we have been select by both Costco and Consumers Guide to handle their customers in this area, we would like to offer our assisntance to you as well. We are one of the very few dealers to offer to take a vehicle to you for a test drive. If we can be assistance to you in any way, please call me toll free at 800-XXX-XXXX or locally at 425-XXX-XXXX.  I hope to hear from you..

4. From Altoona, PA

A newspaper headline about the death of the former president of Indonesia:


5. The San Francisco Bay Area

An electric ticker sign used to update commuters along the highway recently displayed the following warning:  "Watch your step: platform slippery do to rain."

6. Columbia, S.C.

Proofread twice, chisel once…

7. Tampa, Fl:
They’re just seeing if applicants are paying attention. The second-to-last line reads "PLEASE GRAMMER/SPELL PROOF YOUR RESUME."

8. Nashville, TN


9. Santa Barbara, CA

10. Bismarck, ND

This letter from a teacher already sets off the crazy-bells for its use of all capital letters. Check out the spelling. "Thru"? "Advertizement"? [GrammarBlog is glad that SPOGG also disapproves of "thru"]

11. From a Country Kitchen restaurant in Farmville, VA

A sign that reads: vegetables like grandmas

But do they eat them raw? Or sautéed in butter?

12. From southeastern Michigan

13. Also from Southeastern Michigan:

14. San Francisco, CA

A restroom sign says, "Be Kind to Your Fellow Patron. Please Leave this Area Clean."

That airport always seemed more crowded to us.

15. Altoona, PA

Housekeeping by a part time male? Do you suppose he cleans when he’s a she?

16. White Plains, NY:

A sign in the DMV office says this:

"The use of any recording devices are strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: video cameras, camera phones, tapes recorders, etc. Failure to comply will result in confiscation of these devices and possible arrest."

Can you catch all four errors?

1. "The use... IS... prohibited."
2. The colon should be a comma, or nothing at all.
3. "Tape recorders".
4. "etc" isn't necessary.

17. Newport News, VA

Only exceptional candidates need apply.

18. Thomasville, Georgia

A large, professionally painted sign on Highway 319 says, in huge type:


It sounds better in a southern accent, we’re sure.

19. Portland, Oregon



Vote now!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I voted for Tue's and Thur's. But I live in a town with a Wendy's that offers a "Fresh Katch of the Day" and "Low Weekley Rates."

10 February 2008 at 06:58  
Anonymous James said...

What's wrong with Tue's and Thur's? Apostrophes can be used to denote missing letters, which it is doing here to abbreviate Tuesdays and Thursdays. The obvious alternative, Tues and Thurs would be misleading since these are commonly used as abbreviations for Tuesday and Thursday in the singular. The sign clearly implies that sign up is available on all Tuesdays and Thursdays, and unless they meant to say otherwise, the sign does this clearly. Hardly catastrophic!

15 February 2008 at 12:49  

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