Thursday, 21 June 2007

Your welcome. Am I?

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Tom recently showed me a sentence from an e-mail he had received. It contained the phrase "Your welcome" in it. The phrase left me somewhat unfulfilled; Tom's welcome is... what, exactly? It seemed to me that the notion was at least worth finishing. Examples would include "Your welcome is warm and cuddly" (unlikely), "Your welcome is awe-inspiring" (weak) or "Your welcome causes me to wish I'd never met you". Anything really, not just "Your welcome".

It's about time people realise that language is a vehicle and, if you can't drive it, leave it to others who can. If you don't understand that the simple utterance "You are welcome" is lovingly abbreviated to "You're welcome", then I wish you'd shut up and never speak or write again.

Don't worry about thanking me for the correction, your welcome.
Blogger Tom said...

Never speak or write again. An apt punishment.

One of my own personal favourites (used exclusively by morons) is 'I should of', 'We might of' etc

21 June 2007 at 09:55  

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